Status : Sunny
Role : UX-UI, Art direction
Forecast : So far is good...
Credits : Victor Lambert [Content producer], Paul Bouisset [Development]

Public Eye is an investigation talk-show on major social issues in Nigeria. Health care system, cybercrime, corruption, prison system… In each episode, the Public eye brings light, understanding and solutions on top structural issues that alter the country and affect its people. Hosted by Nigeria’s iconic talk show host Funmi IYANDA, the show starts with an undercover investigation that sets the issue. It continues with a conversation on stage between concerned institutions, experts, and victimes, looking for solutions. At the end of every show, one of the decision makers on stage must announce a promise and a deadline often negotiated pre show that will affect the situation concretely and positively.  The promises are then followed up and trackable from PUBLIC EYE digital platform.

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